Recalling a Bygone Era of Texas Honky-Tonk Music, Scott Dean Does It “All Over Again”

Scott Dean is doing it all over again! After ten years as a contemporary rock and roller (selling more than 50,000 albums and performing over 1,000 shows across the world), Dean is emerging onto the Texas Country scene with a honky-tonk vibe that gets back to the basics of dancin’ and drinkin’ the night away in true dancehall fashion. As a country newcomer, with a respect and admiration for the artists who started it all, it’s only fitting that Dean’s traditional sound reminds of Buck Owen’s Bakersfield, Johnny Cash’s fiery spirit, Dwight Yoakam’s vocal style and an era of country music’s past that many long for.
Dean’s first full-length Texas Country album, “All Over Again” (October 27), is a modern Texan sound derived from classic country roots filled with songs meant for a foot stompin,’ two-steppin’ good time. With a carefree energy that will make any youthful spirit want to crack open a beer and sing along, it was Dean’s intent that each tune on the record be uplifting and fun. Best described as a “coming of age” record from the perspective of a good-time seeking Texan, the songs are a celebration of youth set to sweltering fiddle, pedal-steel, electric guitar, and driving tempos.
“Country tends to have the ability to make people either really happy or really sad, I wanted people to hear this music and wish they were out on a Saturday Night,” stated Dean“Each song started as a rough idea written on a bar napkin and I wanted that same essence to be captured on the record. Whether you’re reminiscing your youth or still living it up, the stories will strike a chord and get you tappin’ your foot.”
Influenced by a vast range of styles, Dean pushed the envelope before transforming “fist-pumping sunshine rock” into a unique version of Texas Country. A big fan of ‘60s and ‘70s countryDean cites country rock pioneers The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Byrds as inspiration to leaping into the new genreDean has closely followed the careers of Willie Nelson,Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), and John Lennon, citing their ability to never stay in one place and constantly pushing themselves as artists. Bob DylanThe Rolling Stones, and Ray Davies of The Kinks have heavily influenced his writing over the years too and Texas mainstays Charlie RobisonHayes Carll and Robert Earl Keen all have elements of the vivid storytelling he aspires to convey.
“I have a bit of an old soul and have always found myself listening to more music from past generations than my own,” Deanrecalls. “I am heavily influenced by many genres and styles and know this can sometimes affect my music. To me, the best artists are the ones that listen with an open mind and never stop experimenting with their writing.”
Dean sings melodies that get stuck in your head and plays raucous, high energy live performances that keep the dance floors filled. An extended version of the EP “Re-Shuffle” (which featured two fast-paced radio singles “Hungover All Over Again”and “1234”), “All Over Again” is party songs (“Sunday Funday,” “When I Drink”), a driving ditty (“Down To Galveston”) and a few relationship songs (“Baby, Why You Wanna,” and “A Whole Lot of Something,” written by Buddy Alan Owens) for good measure. The latter is favorably endorsed by Owens, who states: “I am blown away by Scott’s remake of ‘A Whole Lot of Something’; it is just awesome! I love the arrangement and all the little subtle movements from the musicians but really love Scott’s voice!" 
“The common thread of fun, love, women, and drinkin' run through the record in upbeat honky tonk fashion,” stated Dean. "There's plenty of room for two-steppin', line dancing, or shaking it however you'd like. It pays homage to a lot of the traditional country music I've always enjoyed.” 
No stranger to the Texas Country touring scene (despite fronting a very successful rock band for more than a decade), Deanhas shared the stage with legends Robert Earl Keen, the Old 97sRandy Rogers, Hayes Carll, Stoney LaRue, Kevin Fowler andJosh Abbott. Over the years, Dean has played such noted venues as Firehouse Saloon (Houston), Thirsty Armadillo (Ft. Worth Stockyards), House of Blues (Houston, Dallas), Granada Theater (Dallas), Gilley’s (Dallas), and Love & War (Grapevine, Plano).
The effort Dean has exhibited to succeed in the music scene has not gone unnoticed; The Texas House of Representatives recognized Dean’s “allegiance to upbeat melodies, high-energy songs, and memorable lyrics” with a State Resolution passed in his honor. With a nod to his new country status it reads that “through his musical endeavors, Scott Dean is contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the Lone Star State, and he is indeed deserving of recognition as he embarks on the next exciting chapter of his career.”
“Making this kind of music is something I’ve wanted to do for years,” Dean said. “Living in Texas my entire life, I have always been exposed to it, and had such an admiration for classic country and its ability to bring stories to life. It’s my hope the songs on ‘All Over Again’ do just that.”

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