Scott Dean's State Resolution passed by The Texas House of Representatives 

The effort Dean has exhibited to succeed in the music scene has not gone unnoticed; the Texas House of Representatives recognized Dean’s “allegiance to upbeat melodies, high-energy songs, and memorable lyrics” with a State Resolution that reads, “through his musical endeavors, Scott Dean is contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the Lone Star State, and he is indeed deserving of recognition as he embarks on the next exciting chapter of his career.”

Radio Programmers and Industry Insiders have expressed support of 
“In My Arms” and ALL OVER AGAIN:
 “Scott Dean's new single, ‘In My Arms,’ should be called ‘In My Head.’ It will have you humming at work and singing in the shower. Scott Dean always has the songs people can't resist dancing to. Remember when people danced to the radio and at LIVE shows? They still do thanks to great music like ‘In My Arms’!”
Jody Lee, KWBY Cowboy Radio 
“Scott Dean delivers on his latest, ‘In My Arms’! Not just a great lyrical hook but the music draws you in as well! This should be the single that pushes Scott Dean’s career to new heights! Perfect radio song for fall!”
JD Rose, PD Rebel Country
“Scott just played Stillwater and drew a huge crowd. This song is the reason why. It's well written and is a fun, upbeat, true life song that many can relate too. Play it and watch the phones blow up!”
Jay McRae, KGFY – Cowboy Country Stillwater, OK
"’In My Arms’ has a sweet, pleasing melody. The mandolin certainly enhances along with the imagery of the lyrics. I see couples smiling as they twirl around the dance floor on this song."
Kim Imber, BadlandsFM – Firehouse Saloon, Houston, TX
“Scott is one of the most refreshing new artists into the Texas Red Dirt scene in quite a while. His frisky songwriting and vocal talent is rising to the level of mastery. His variety is yet to be seen and is beginning to show itself in his latest single ‘In My Arms.’  His previous single, ‘1234’ is still being heard throughout this regional territory. He’s a hard working talent always looking to take it to the next level… just what our future needs!”
Dave Smith, Texas Regional Radio Report
“Scott Dean is a rare talent who is, not only a gifted singer but, a great songwriter and all around musician. One of my favorite songs to date is the single ‘In My Arms’ – great lyrics, great vocals, and a smooth presentation of what Scott Dean is made of. He's the real deal!”
Scott Moody, Co-Producer (music industry veteran who has played and worked with Leann Rimes, Miranda Lambert, Steve Holy, Charley Pride and others)
"So enjoyed Scott Dean's album ALL OVER AGAIN! He's got a lot of talent and the work ethic to stay in there shows success is coming for him. I am blown away by his remake of ‘A Whole Lot of Something’; it is just awesome! I love the arrangement and all the little subtle movements from the musicians but, really love Scott’s voice!" 
Buddy Alan Owens, Legendary Artist and Songwriter (son of Buck Owens, stepson of Merle Haggard).